Every year around 30,000 Australians experience sudden cardiac arrest.

Simple, effective, and ready to help you save lives.

The St John Ambulance G5 defibrillator has innovative features that makes treating sudden cardiac arrest victims easier and more effective than ever before. Plus, with the most comprehensive self-testing of any AED, the G5's daily self-test ensures it is always RescueReady™.

  • All the Features You Expect and Deserve

    The St John G5 defibrillator delivers the most shocks out of any AED available in Australia, at a total of 420 shocks. All the essential features like daily self- testing, a 4 year battery life, 8 year warranty, military- tested ruggedness and resistance to dust and water come as standard.

    What's more, the St John G5 is the only AED that combines real- time CPR feedback with user- paced prompting to guide you through each critical step. AEDs equipped with real- time CPR feedback coupled with training have been proven to more than double the chance of survival.

    iCPR Explained - Remove theCPR Guesswork

    To support rescuers to deliver the best CPR possible, the St John Ambulance G5 is equipped with Intellisense CPR (iCPR) technology.

    iCPR features a unique motion sensor and a proprietary algorithm that monitors the performance of CPR compressions and provides real- time, guideline- driven feedback to give you the confidence you're doing it correctly.

    Corrective visual and voice prompts include:
    "Press Slower", Press Faster", "Press Softer"or "Fully Release".

This tax time you could save hundreds of dollars on either the St John G5 iCPR Defibrillator or a G5 iCPR Defibrillator Bundle. PLUS, if you're an eligible business you could also qualify for an instant asset write off.

Whether it's for your home, business, community group, or sporting club, now is the time to take advantage of these great offers.

Comprehensive daily self-test

Rugged and resistant to dust and water

Real-time CPR feedback

10 seconds to shock between cycles